Passengers Complaints

The rights to complain and how to do in accordance with  the Regulation (EU) 181/2011

Passenger may submit complaints within three months after the event to complaint about has happened. The carrier shall give notice to the passenger within one month of receipt of the complaint, whether the complaint was upheld, whether it was rejected or if it is still being processed. Within three months of receipt of the complaint, the company will  send a definitive answer.
These mentioned periods do not apply when it comes to issues related to compensation for death or personal injury and lost or damaged luggage due to accidents.

The complaint must be done in writing and delivered to the bus company address with raccomandata (see addresses below), alternatively the passenger can fill in the form below.

Just in second instance and only after 90 days from the date in which the complaint was sent if the passenger has not received any feed back he/she can ask for the intervention of the National Enforcement body for passengers rights for the violation of the passengers rights (EU) n. 181/2011 . The passenger must  fill the letter in writing and send it by special post delivery to the address  Via Nizza 230, 10126 Turin or by email to one of the following address:

It can also be used the telematic system (SiTe), that can be find in the web site below.

For more information look at

Bus companies addresses

BusCenter: Via Libertà 171 90143 Palermo

Onbus: Via Libertà 171  90143 Palermo

Segesta Autolinee: Via Libertà 171  90143 Palermo

Sicilbus: Via Libertà 171  90143 Palermo