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Disabled Passengers and Passengers with Limited Mobility

In order to guarantee the rights of the disabled passengers or passengers with limited mobility, Buscenter s.r.l. and Interbus In s.p.a, in conformity with art. 11 Chapter III of Regulation (UE) n.181/2011, provide non-discriminatory travelling conditions for disabled passengers or passengers with limited mobility, based on the national and international legislation that protect their rights.

You may refer to these conditions as they are reported in the following EU directives

Disabled passengers and passengers with limited mobility can request information about the journey and the travelling conditions by calling our Customer Service on +39 06 164160 or by writing to info@buscenter.it.

To allow Bus Centre S.R.L and Interbus In S.P.A to comply with the obligations provided by the previously mentioned legislation, we reccomend you contact the Company before making any reservation in order to receive all necessary information regarding the travelling conditions we can or cannot ensure.

In Italy, the body responsible for the application of EU Regulation n.181/2011 is the Transport Ragulatory Authority. If Buscenter S.R.L and Interbus In S.P.A do not comply with the provisions outlined in the European regulations and do not provide any response to the complaint within the prescribed delays, passenger has right to make a second instance claim with the Transport Regulatory Authority. It is possible to address to such Authority by sending a registered mail with return receipt to Via Nizza 230, 10126 – Torino, or by sending an e-mail to one of the e-mail contacts below:

Complaints may also be lodged by the Telematic complaints acquisition system (SiTe) of the Tranport Regulation Authority. For more information, please visit the page www.autorita-trasporti.it.