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Milan is the capital of fashion, it offers many cultural attractions and conquers its visitors for its liveliness. From your bus terminal, go to Piazza del Duomo by subway: line M1 from Lampugnano and Sesto San Giovanni, line M2 from Romolo and line M3 from San Donato Milanese. Continue on foot to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and you will be a few steps from Teatro alla Scala. Blend into the Milanese hustle and bustle and reach the Castello Sforzesco, then make a small detour and head to the Pinacoteca di Brera. Now cross Parco Sempione from where you can see the Arco della Pace. Penultimate stop: Santa Maria delle Grazie. Finally, arrive at the Navigli, Milan’s oldest district, to enjoy a gondola or a boat ride and have a good aperitif.

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Milan is a city that never sleeps. Many are its gastronomic specialties, don’t miss the opportunity to stop for a moment to savor them.

Start your meal with a salad of nerves (viel legs) and a Milanese risotto, usually accompanied by the famous ossobuco (braised viel shank).

The culinary tradition of the city abounds in meat dishes. In addition to the cassoeula and the elephant’s ear (viel cutlets), try the mondeghili (beef meatballs), rustin negà or the busecca (tripe alla Milanese) and enjoy the true flavors of Milan.

To conclude, if you want to finish sweetly, we recommend the barbajada, a hot drink made with chocolate, coffee and milk. Finally, for those who prefer something light and delicious there is the michetta, the Milanese bread par excellence that goes well with everything and can be recognized by its star shape.


Milano Lampugnano bus terminal is accessed from Via Giulio Natta, a short distance from the crossroads with Via Antonio Sant’Elia.  All buses stop in the area outside the metro station, on the right. Our departure assistant is available at the terminal for any need (contact number: 3281508854). The terminal is provided with a large toll parking (ATM).


This bus stop is located in Largo Ascari. Our buses pull over where there is parking space. In the area there are two bus shelters; at their back, there is the direct access to the quay of Romolo train station. There is also a metro station in Largo Ascari (green line). At the back of Romolo train station is Largo Nuvolari, where there is the bus terminal for all urban buses and a toll car parking.

For passengers who get off, the bus stop is on the preferential lane (SP11 – via Liguria) of urban buses, right in front of Brothers Bar.


The bus stop is located right in front of a newsagent-bar that sells Buscenter tickets. San Donato is subway connected and it is an important local terminal bus.


This terminal is located in viale Antonio Gramsci. Our buses pull over along the yellow stripe. There are some bus shelters equipped with benches for passengers waiting for their bus. The terminal is connected with the subway (Red Line M1) and with the local buses. Adjacent to the terminal bus is the Train Station, equipped with toilet facilities. Beyond the internal part of the terminal there are a free car parking and a toll car parking.

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Before leaving:
  • It is necessary to arrive at the bus stop 20 minutes before departure.
  • Each passenger can bring one piece of luggage (to be put in the hold) and a bag to carry on board. Only passengers in transit to or from an airport are entitled to two hold baggage. It is recommended to label hold baggage.
  • Always keep your identity card handy
  • It is possible to show the ticket directly from a mobile phone
What our passengers need to know before buying the trip:
  • All online tickets are non-refundable but against a penalty it is possible to modify them always if the change takes place before departure
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  • Minors under 14 must be accompanied. Children over the age of 15 and under 18 traveling alone must present one Authorization letter signed by both parents.
  • To purchase at the qualified ticket offices, call the call center to find the one closest to you, alternatively consult the website where the main agencies are listed
  • The purchase implies acceptance of conditions of carriage .
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